Torino Pro Wave Brush #903- Extra Hard Pointy Palm brush- Reinforced Bristles - Great wolfing brush

$ 17.99

This patented brush is a pointy palm hard wave brush. This brush is a remake of the Royalty 903. Its the same exact brush just with the Torino pro Logo.

With the Pointed Palm by Brush King, you will be able to get really close to your crown and work on the details. This brush is truly detail-oriented. Only True Wavers understand the importance of working on your crown as closely as possible to define their pattern (Beehive or Swirl) and the Pointed Palm by Brush King delivers.There's no more excuses to have dope waves with a horrible crown.The patented Brush king Wave brush is truly innovative and for many god sent.

  • With all my brushes they will shed for the first month so dont be alarmed if you see bristles coming out of your brush refer to the white card inside the brush box. This is done on purpose to ensure the longevity of the brush.
  • This Brush is hand painted so every brush will look different. Don't be alarmed if the brush you receive don't look exactly like the pictures they will all have a different color variation so there wont be 2 brushes that are identical.
 This brush once it sells out will not return this is a one time offer to get your hands on the legendary 903 .