Torino Pro Wave Brushes By Brush King #1 Hard brush for 360 waves - Great for wolfing

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About the product
  • This brush is a hard curve brush with alot of pull. This brush is slightly softer than the tp#470. This brush is not for fresh cuts,shower brushing or wash and style as this can damage the brush . This brush is great for wolfing
  • DO YOU WANT WAVES WITH LESS EFFORT? TIRED OF SPENDING HOURS BRUSHING & SEEING NO PROGRESS? WHAT DO SOME RAPPERS, NBA PLAYERS & TOP YOUTUBE WAVERS HAVE IN COMMON? They all use Torino Pro Wave Brushes! Because they get great waves with less effort & see major progress in less time. Spend less time brushing & more time with your family while still seeing the progress you've been looking for in your waves. Aren't you glad you found a brush that will make waving easier?
  • Not for shower brushing or wash and styles it will damage your brush