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52 Shades of Royalty

What is 52 Shades of Royalty?

How long does it take for the Royalty Brush of the Week to Ship?

The Royalty brush I received looks different from the picture. Why?

Why are the bristles falling out of my brand new Royalty brush?


When will you ship out my order and when will it arrive?

My tracking says "Delivered" but I haven't received my package. What should I do next?

My order has been returned to you. What should I do now?

International Shipping

What is your Return Policy?

For hygienic reasons, Brush King does not process returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL...

For Brush King's Exchange Policy, Click Here...

Hair Brush Maintenance

Learn how to treat and maintain your hair brush to avoid damaging it and extend the longevity of the brush by following these tips...

For the AG Wash Method, Click Here...

Brush King App for iPhone/Android

Do you restock previously released wave brushes?

Sales/Discount Codes

Do you ever have sales/discounts?

Trouble Placing an Order

Why do I keep getting a Zip Code error when trying to place my order?


I received my package but my WaveWear gear was not included. When will I receive my WaveWear gear?


How do I determine my Tsurag size?

I read all of the questions, but I still need to contact you.

You can contact Brush King directly at: