Torino Pro Wholesale 30 piece starter box plus Window Advertisement Poster

$ 440.00

You will receive a 30 piece wholesale starter pack consisting of the following below. 

5- Torino Pro 350- Medium Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 640- Soft Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 470- Hard Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 570- Medium hard Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 1990- Medium Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 1640- Medium Curve Brushes  

In the event that we are sold out from any of the above brushes I will substitute it with a brush of the same firmness. If the medium hard is currently sold out I will ship out another medium hard for my catalog if this is not okay with you make sure to let me know in the notes section of the order which brushes you want me to send you and I will try my best to make it happen.

 * You will also receive a promotional poster advertising Torino Pro brushes being sold in your store. The poster is exactly like the thumbnail picture in this listing 

*Shipping cost is already included in the price 

  * You can order multiple boxes of the starter boxes 

* These brushes are for retail purposes and they are prohibited from being sold on and