Torino Pro Wholesale 25 piece Palm Brushes Starter box plus Window Advertisement Poster

$ 355.00

You will receive a 25 piece wholesale starter pack consisting of the following below. 

5- Torino Pro 690- Medium Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 16 - Soft Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 1510- Hard Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 1780- Medium hard Curve Brushes 

5- Torino Pro 19- Medium Curve Brushes 

* You will also receive a promotional poster advertising Torino Pro brushes being sold in your store. The poster is exactly like the thumbnail picture in this listing 

 * Shipping is already included in the price 

* The 25 brush starter pack doesn't include the Torino Pro 1500- Burgundy with blonde  bristles. You can get this in the 30 pack.

 * These brushes are for retail purposes and they are prohibited from being sold on and