Torino Pro Vertical Wave Brush #112 - 7 Row, Soft With Rubber Grip for Maximum Control While Brushing - by Brush King for 360 Waves

$ 17.99

With its extra long bristles, the TP112 provides great lay to finish off your brush sessions and minimize frizz and flyaways before putting on your durag.

So what's so special and unique about the vertical shape of this wave brush?

It makes Vertical Brushing (holding your wave brush upright while brushing) so much easier!

Vertical brushing is great for connecting your 360 waves, improving the flow throughout your waves, and breaking, what we refer to in the wave community as "forks."

Forks are the disruptors that prevent your waves from having that nice, consistent flow throughout, and our entire line of Torino Pro Vertical Wave Brushes were specifically designed to solve this problem!

Isolate (& Attack):

  • Your weak side(s)

  • Problem areas that need some extra TLC (brushing)

  • Forks that make it look like you've been putting zero effort into your 360 waves (cause we know that ain't true!)

Help your weak side(s) catch up with your good side(s) and get that perfect flow from your crown to your hairline with Torino Pro Vertical Wave Brushes--from soft to medium to hard and everything in-between.

The vertical shape PLUS the rubber grip on the handle gives you maximum control while brushing your hair for better shifting where it's needed, while drastically improving the definition in your 360 waves!