Torino Pro Wave Brush #1970 - Firm-Soft Curved Palm With Moderate Pull By Brush King - for 360 Waves

$ 24.99


This curved palm is a firm-soft with moderate pull so it has enough pull for low-to-medium hair length without scratching or hurting your scalp while your hair is low. Great for fresh cuts and wavers with tender scalps. Since it's moderately firm, it has enough pull to stretch out and train your waves as your hair grows out.

With all the benefits of a soft brush (finishing, polishing, laying down flyaways) and the firmness of sturdy bristles, you can finish off your brush sessions with this wave brush AND, also, do full-blown brush sessions on low-to-medium hair (no matter your texture) if you choose. Very convenient!

On top of all the benefits of this wavebrush, it has a beautiful design that resembles a wavy geode rock pattern.

Check out this video for a better view of the 1970 Firm-Soft Palm!