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Torino Pro Wave Brush #1640 - Medium Curve Brush - Patented Duet Collection- Different color on each side - Curved brush for 360 waves -

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TORINO PRO #1640 - Disclaimer: This brush is two-toned, with black on the front and cream on the back; you will receive one brush with your order. Remember the Duet Collection from the Torino Pro Fatality release? Well, it's back! This patented 360 wave brush is a curved MEDIUM long handle brush and with a twist! The ice cream sandwich, as the wave game referred to these types of bristles when Brush King released the Royalty 790, is back and better than ever! Brush King combined the duet collections with his double colored bristles, to create a double duet. This is the first time this has has ever been done on a Torino Pro AND a curved brush. Top white bristles are medium; middle black bristles are medium; bottom white bristles are medium. 


The medium TP1640 has great pull and feels very smooth on your head. It is firmer than the TP490, if you're familiar with that curved brush. This brush can be used on fresh cuts all the way to a wolf. The curve design grips your head better than regular brushes and helps you get waves faster than straight brushes. Combining curves with straight brushes is doable if you know your brush angles. Every Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King brings a Hair Brush Maintenance Card inside the box that tells you how to take care of the brush to make it last. Please follow all of the instructions provided. Made with 100% boar bristles.