Torino Pro Wave Brush #8769- 7 Row Soft Long Handle Wave brush - 100% Boar Bristles

$ 19.99

This brush is part of the og past collection this brush is a remake of the OG 8169 brush replicated and updated with the bk touch. This brush is a 7 Row soft brush with great pull for a soft. Every one who had a 8169 bragged on how great it was and now that's impossible to get under $100 dollars and probably used i decided to make it for the wave brush community same exact brush. This brush is a real treat. Once it sells out these brushes will never be made again so grab a piece of the past meets the present before it sells out.

  • With all my brushes they will shed for the first month so don't be alarmed if you see bristles coming out of your brush refer to the white card inside the brush box. This is done on purpose to ensure the longevity of the brush.
  • This Brush is hand painted so every brush will look different. Don't be alarmed if the brush you receive don't look exactly like the pictures they will all have a different color variation so there wont be 2 brushes that are identical.