Torino Pro Wave Brush #1130 - Medium Hard - Updated Design - Oval Long Handle Wave Brush for 360 Waves

$ 14.99

TORINO PRO #1130 - Introducing the new Oval Palm with a Long Handle! The TP1130 is a 9 Row Medium Hard with A LOT of pull; it is firmer than all of the oval mediums but not as firm as the hard brush.  his brush has been updated from a round top to a pointy tip for better crown isolation. If You Are Currently Wolfing, This Brush is Especially for You Because of its Amazing Pull. Same as the TP0646, for Wavers with a Cut 2.5+ and if You have Thick/Coarse Hair You Will Love this Brush! Great for finding your angles, working your crown and great for control. Exclusive Brush King design