Torino Pro Wave Brush #1890- Medium 7 Row Palm - Firm Medium Palm waves brush with great pull - Great for Connections and Wolfing - For 360 Waves

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TORINO PRO #1890 - This 360 waves palm brush is a 7 row medium brush. This brush is comparable to the TP120 medium except this brush has longer bristles and it's firmer. This brush has a lot of pull and can be used from a 2.5 cut and up. This brush is not for fresh cuts. The TP1890 can be used by all hair textures from straight hair to coarse hair. This 7 row brush is a beautiful royal blue color with black spaced out bristles. There are 3 different types of Torino Pro square palms: 7 rows, 11 rows and 13 rows and all of them are different and have their own uses. Made with 100% boar bristles. Every Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King brings a Hair Brush Maintenance Card inside the box that tells you how to take care of the brush to make it last. Please follow all of the instructions provided.