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Torino Pro Curve Wave brush #169- Medium Hard Curved Brush -Reinforced Bristles

$ 26.99


Torino Pro#169 is a medium hard with really firm bristles. This brush has nice firm bristles that will be able to handle deep wolfs. This brush has a pointy tip that will help isolate the crown. This brush is firmer than the Tp#168.This brush is the firmest of all the medium hards I make.

Once you hold a Torino Pro wave brush in your hand you will get what they hype is about its Luxury Quality at great prices .There's 100's of reviews online all saying the same thing Torino Pro is the king of all 360 wave brushes hands down.

Whether you use wave cream, grease, pomade or a wave kit you need a Torino Pro. Use a brush before using your durag or wave cap to make sure your hair is laid down. This medium hard brush for waves is good for wolfing but not for fresh cuts.

When you first receive this waves brush it will shed for the first few weeks this is normal and done to ensure as it sheds it tightens the boar bristles in each slot for longevity. Don't panic if you see a few loose hairs when your brushing it goes away after a few weeks of brushing.

 This medium hard curved wave brush for men 360 brush is made of wood which is not recommended to wet and shower use. Water inside a brush makes it expand and this leads the wood to crack from the pressure . I also Sell wave shower brushes search for one of those instead.

Do you want 360 waves with less effort ? Tired of spending hours brushing & seeing no progress? What do rappers, Professional athletes & top YouTube wavers have in common? They all use Torino Pro 360 Wave brushes! Because they get great 360 wave with less effort & see major progress in there waves and crown. 

 Why are Torino Pro Brushes considered the best in the game? We source the best boar bristles that will help form your 360 waves. Brush King who designs each and every brush is considered the best wave brush designer in the world. The quality and feel of the wood in our crown brushes 360 waves are top of the line. We offer Premium luxury 360 wave brushes at affordable prices.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: If  Wave Brushes Can be Bought for $5-10 here on Amazon, Why is it that Torino Pro Brushes are Always Selling Out? Because Torino Pro 360 Wave Brushes are of Superior Quality; My Bristles Won't Lean, Which Means Faster Progress, Better Connections and the Best Pull. On Top of Being Specifically Designed for Waving, Torino Pro Brushes are Known for Their Exquisite Glossy Candy Paint Finish. Stop Cheating Yourself, Treat Yourself! Our brushes are great to work your crown
99% of wave brush companies just slap their logo on an already existing hair brush, with no hand in the design process. I am the only one in the industry who designs his own wave brushes from start to finish, with Wavers like you in mind. While other companies settle for putting out mediocre products,  Brush King has made it a priority to give you, the customer the best 360 waves brush for 360 waves.
Imagine using your Torino Pro wave brush, getting serious progress & right after a wolf , you get a fresh cut ,Your 360 waves are spinning hard and your outfit is fresh, All eyes on you & girls cant stop thinking how good you look. this could be you when you use a Torino Pro . If you're ever confused on which brushes to buy feel free to send me a message.