(NEW) Torino Pro Wave Brush #1350 Medium 11 Row Long Handle Brush for 360 Waves

$ 19.99


TORINO PRO #1350 - FIRST EVER 11 ROW TORINO PRO WAVE BRUSHES! THE TP1350 IS ONE OF FOUR 11 ROW WAVE BRUSHES IN THE NEW TORINO PRO 11 ROW LINEUP. This brush is a firm medium; it is great for vertical brushing and has great pull. The TP1350 can used on all hair textures, from straight hair waver to coarse hair wavers. We recommend using this brush on a 2+ hair length. FYI, all Torino Pro 11 row brushes are amazing for vertical brushing! TP#1350 is firmer than the #1340 but softer than the #1420