#2010 Torino Pro Medium Brush By Brush King - 9 row Medium Bristles - Great for wolfing and Connections - brush for 360 Waves - Great for vertical brushing

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Torino Pro 2010 is a 9 row medium brush this brush is just like the torino pro 0656 and the differences is the design of the brush. 
This brush is firm and great for vertical brushing. Do not use this brush to shower brush or for wash and styles .
Slightly Firmer than the TP510, the TP2010 is a True Texture Medium! Unlike Our Competitors, I Use 100% Boar in my Mediums; NO NYLON BRISTLES EVER! 
This is the ULTIMATE Workhorse, Great for ALL Stages of Waving, From Fresh Cut to the Wolfing Stage. Great to Vertical Brush (Vertical Brushing Will Greatly Improve Your Connections). Not for Long Hair.