#1690 Torino Pro Hard Curve Wave Brush By Brush King - 360 Curved Hard - Great for Wolfing - For 360 Waves - Great for coarse hair Wavers

$ 26.99

TORINO PRO #1690 - This 360 waves curve brush is a very firm hard brush. WARNING! When Brush King declares one of his brushes a hard, PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUS! This 360 wave brush is for coarse hair, thick hair and for wolfing. You need to have a nice size amount of hair to use this brush. This brush is not for fresh cuts or tender headed wavers. For reference, this brush is similar to the TP470 red hard brush but this one is a tad softer; this brush is also a tad softer than the TP1630, the other firm hard in this new Torino Pro release. Every Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King brings a Hair Brush Maintenance Card inside the box that tells you how to take care of the brush to make it last. Please follow all of the instructions provided.