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Torino Pro Curve Wave Brush #198- Soft Curved Brush - 100% Goat Bristles- Pillow Soft

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Torino Pro#198 is a extra soft brush made with goat bristles. This brush is pillow soft where its so soft you wont notice your hair moving at all. This brush is excellent to lay down your waves so they can look silky smooth. I don't suggest you use this brush to shower brush as these bristles are very soft and wont do well with water. This brush would be excellent to use on newborn to toddlers also. This brush being pillow soft is the softest brush in existence. This feels like your using a plastic bag to lay down your waves. This is way softer than a normal soft brush and the bristles being soft are fragile extra care needs to be taken with this brush. Avoid putting in your bookbag or pocket as this will damage the bristles. 

 This brush is made from a super durable plastic material that I designed for shower brushing. Unless I describe it as a shower friendly brush you shouldn't use it for that purpose. This brush can be used in the shower. Caution when using white bristles in the shower as these bristles are thinner and more sensitive. Use at your own risk as  black bristles are more durable with constant water use. If its a shower brush your looking for exclusively I suggest one with black bristles.