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Torino Pro Curve Wave brush #141- Soft 100% Extra long boar bristle Curved 360 Wave Brush - Great for laying down 360 waves and use before using wave cap or durag - Luxury waves brush for men 360

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Torino Pro#141 is a soft brush with extra long bristles. This brush is very soft and provides excellent lay on your waves 

This rage edition is a showstopper that pictures wont do it any justice. This brush is great for beginners to elite wavers this brush is not for shower brushing. I have made brushes that are good for shower brushing it will say in the title for shower brushing if you see it.

 Once you hold a Torino Pro Soft wave brush in your hand you will get what they hype is about its Luxury Quality at great prices .There's 100's of reviews on youtube & insta all saying the same thing Torino Pro is the king of all wave brushes hands down.

 Whether you use grease, pomade or a wave kit you need a Torino Pro. Use a brush before using your durag or wave cap to make sure your hair is laid down. This soft brush is great for fresh cuts and to lay down your 360 waves.
When you first receive this waves brush it will shed for the first few weeks this is normal and done to ensure as it sheds it tightens the boar bristles in each slot for longevity. Don't panic if you see a few loose hairs when your brushing it goes away after a few weeks of brushing
This soft curved wave brush for men 360 brush is made of wood which is not recommended to wet and shower use. Water inside a brush makes it expand and this leads the wood to crack from the pressure . I also Sell wave shower brushes search for one of those instead.