#1980 Torino Pro Medium Curve Wave Brush By Brush King - 360 Curved Medium Waves brush - Great for beginners to develop wave and also great for connections - For those trying to achieve Elite Waves

$ 24.99

TORINO PRO #1980 - This 360 wave curve brush is a medium wave brush with 100% boar bristles. For reference, this brush is similar to the TP350. This brush is great on all stages from fresh cut to wolfing. This brush is not the firmest of the mediums in the lineup; there are about 13 different mediums. From softest  to hardest, the medium selection goes as follows: TP490; TP1520; TP1990; TP1640; TP350; TP1920; TP1980; TP550; TP520; TP1960; TP630; TP1710; TP1930. You can pick according to what brush you already own and decide if you want to go up or down in firmness.