Torino Pro Wave Brushes By Brush King #88- Medium Hard Curve Wave brush- Great 360 waves brush for wolfing

$ 19.99

Torino Pro #88 is a medium hard brush with extra long bristles . This brush is comparable with the tp#1620. This brush has great pull and sweep. This brush can be used on a 2 wtg and a medium hard brush with long bristles this brush is softer than the tp#450 and the tp#90. This brush is amazing at pulling and laying your hair.

The bristles stop shedding after 3 weeks also these brushes are not for wash and styles or to be wetting in the shower you will ruin the brush please use a royalty shower brush for that.

I stuff the brushes with extra bristles so when you get the brush and bristles come out don't be alarmed that's part of the design process.