Torino Pro Curve Wave Brush #203- Extra Soft Curved Brush - 100% Boar Bristles

$ 24.99

Torino Pro#203 is extra soft brush with nice long bristles that will give great lay without disturbing your pattern. I have 3 levels of soft which are extra soft, soft and medium soft. This brush is the softest of the 3 levels of soft I make. This brush is really good to use before you put on your durag.

 This brush is made from a super durable plastic material that I designed for shower brushing. Unless I describe it as a shower friendly brush you shouldn't use it for that purpose. This brush can be used in the shower. Caution when using white bristles in the shower as these bristles are thinner and more sensitive. Use at your own risk as  black bristles are more durable with constant water use. If its a shower brush your looking for exclusively I suggest one with black bristles. Soft brushes really shouldnt be used in the shower as the water makes it too soft to really move the hair the right way .