Torino Pro Wave Brush #1920 - Medium Curve Brush - Patented Duet Collection-Different color on each side - Great for wolfing and Connections - Curved brush for 360 Waves

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TORINO PRO #1920 AKA The Bumblebee - Disclaimer: The TP1920 is two-toned, with yellow on the front and white on the back; you will receive one brush with your order. Remember the Duet Collection from the Torino Pro Fatality release? Well, it's back! This patented 360 wave brush is a MEDIUM wave brush. Out of all the Torino Pros, this one is most similar to the medium TP350. Like the TP350, the TP1920 is great during all stages of waving, from fresh cut to wolfing.


This brush is not the firmest of the mediums in the lineup; there are about 13 different mediums. From softest to hardest , the medium selection goes as follows: TP490; TP1520; TP1990; TP1640; TP350; TP1920; TP1980; TP550; TP520; TP1960; TP630; TP1710; TP1930. You can pick according to what brush you already own and decide if you want to go up or down in firmness. Brush King does NOT recommend shower brushing with ANY Torino Pro wave brush. Torino Pro brushes are not for wash and styles either. Made with 100% boar bristles. Every Torino Pro Wave Brush by Brush King brings a Hair Brush Maintenance Card inside the box that tells you how to take care of the brush to make it last. Please follow all of the instructions provided.