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Torino Pro Curve Wave Brush #193- Soft Palm Curved Brush - 100% Boar Bristles

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Torino Pro#193  - Good Pull for a Soft Brush; Lay Down Frizz & Polish Waves from a Fresh Cut to a Wolf. For Tender Headed Wavers & Thinning Hair. The CURVE Contours to the Shape of Your Head for Better Grip, Better Pull & More Coverage Which Means Faster Results! The POINTY TIP Isolates the Crown of Your Hair (Swirl or Beehive) for Better Development. NOT FOR Long Hair.

While this brush is made from a shower friendly material i suggest using black bristles in the shower as white bristles are way more fragile. Use at your own risk as black bristles are more durable with constant water use. If its a shower brush your looking for exclusively I suggest one with black bristles. I also suggest using medium ,medium hard and hards in the shower as soft bristles are not optimal for shower brushing.